What Karen has to say about us

I've been working with John for just over two years now. Through that time I've gone from being a pretty novice cyclist - mainly just commuting and the odd bit of touring - to racing bikes in ultra-distance bike packing races, road racing and cyclocross (and not doing too terribly either!). Through John's coaching I have seen huge improvements in my physical ability (in terms of endurance, power and skill) but also in my confidence and curiosity to try out new disciplines and to see where my best efforts can get me.

John is very perceptive and often notices things about me before I am aware of them myself, picking things up from training data, and comments I make in emails or on Training Peaks. He takes a very holistic and flexible approach, with training plans taking into consideration my strengths and weaknesses; worries; other interests, pressures and demands on my time; and where I am currently at as well as where I'd like to get to. He always wants to make sure the plan is a plan that is going to work for me at that point in time.

As well as helping make sure things are going well, John's also been amazing when things haven't been going so well. For example, when I've been injured, not well or other factors in my life have been impacting on performance or training, he's helped me think through my options for how best to deal with them and, when the time was right, helped me come back from it. 

I never thought I'd be the type of person to have a coach, thinking that was only for elite athletes, but being coached by John has been one of the best opportunities of my life in terms of sporting and personal development and I feel very lucky to have met him and have had this chance!