Gatherings!? After over 20 years living in Scotland and some wanderings of our local mountains pondering, I realised that the word was perfect for what we do here. We gather, train and learn together. The focus is on getting what you need from your time here. We work with you before you arrive so that we can all prepare properly, therefore giving you the best chance of meeting your goals. We also try to make sure everyone has a good time.

Self led with our help

Our camps are self led, in that the onus is on you to have a plan and be responsible for yourself. This may seem unusual but it works. If you need help to make a plan before the camp we are here to help.


Most evenings we run facilitated workshops where one of our team leads a workshop specific for each group. This is an opportunity to learn from us and from each other.

It isn’t all hard work, we usually have refreshments available and depending on the group, prepare a meal for afterwards.

One to ones

During the day we run one to one sessions where you can take the learnings from the workshops or anything else you are interested in and develop your knowledge as it relates to you.

One to ones can include

  • Training data analysis

  • Lifestyle assessment and coaching

  • Mental skills (can be reinforced by sports hypnosis)

  • Sport massage and biomechanics assessments

  • Running or cycling skills sessions