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Here is what Jenny has to say about us

Working with John over the past year and half has been the most incredible experience.

I met john on an Adventure Syndicate training camp at the beginning of 2017. At the time I had been pushing my miles and was curious to find out what I may be capable of, but would have probably never taken the plunge to get a coach. At the end of the camp John offered me a years free coaching. At the time I felt like Charlie from the chocolate factory when he won the golden ticket! There was no pressure from John to do anything big but I wanted to use this gift as best I could.

Soon after, the Round the World record came into my sights. John and I had been working together for 5 months when I told him my thoughts about trying to break the world record! He was super supportive and helped me map out a detailed plan so as I could test my fitness and make some realistic timings of when to set off. We decided on the following year.

Having John on board to structure a training plan and talk through logistics was invaluable to the whole trip. In fact it was a key part to the success. I had 1000's of other logistics and planning to deal with but I didn't have to worry about the fitness side of things. John would build my plan for a fortnight  at a time and I would feed back to him how I was feeling through our monthly Skype chats, Whats App messages and the TrainingPeaks calendar so that we could adjust the plan if needed.

I love working with John and im looking forward to an action packed year ahead.