Endurance/Ultra trail Running Training Group

Endurance/Ultra trail Running Training Group

Sale Price:29.00 every month Original Price:49.00 every month

We have designed a great value package, which enables you to train using our shared training plan that is designed specifically to help prepare for ultra-trail, trail and mountain running events. 

Your running adventure can be anything, it is what you find exciting and challenging. It may be to run 15km on the trails around the area where you live or something as extravagant as an off-road ultra-marathon. 

We have helped lots of people prepare for their adventures and we would love to help you.

What is included?

  • A detailed training plan designed to help you prepare for your running goals;

  • TrainingPeaks Premium Subscription, where you can access your plan and see your improvement as you build your strength and fitness;

  • A startup one to one consultation with one of our coaches to make sure that you understand everything and to help you set your plan up perfectly to meet your needs;

  • Access to our weekly Zoom meeting where we get together to chat about topics relevant to training and racing in a learning and sharing environment. This group is attended my many experienced and successful endurance athletes sharing a wealth of experience and knowledge;

  • Access to a monthly interactive workshop led by one of our coaches on topics chosen by the group as relevant and interesting;

  • Unlimited email support from our coaching team;

  • Membership of our Training Group media platforms that will allow you to interact, share your experiences as well as learn from each other and our coaching team.


We have designed a great value package, which enables you to train using our shared training plan that is designed specifically to help prepare for endurance trail running events such as ultra-trail races and stage races. 

Training Plan

You will be given access to our endurance group trail running training plan that is flexible and designed to help prepare for running goals that are typical of endurance-based events in the northern hemisphere. This means a build-up of volume and intensity from January onwards to be at peak fitness for events starting around April/May and running through until September/October.

With adjustment, you will be able to use the plan to prepare for other events to complement your trail racing season such as cross country events that may take place in the autumn and winter.

The basis of the plan is the same for all group members but is designed in such a way that it can be modified to meet your needs, fitness level and goals. 

We will explain how you can use the plan to make it specific to your needs during a 45 minute, one to one meeting between you and one of our coaches to make sure that you get everything set up perfectly. Our coaches will also be on hand to help you along the way.

To be effective, the plan requires you to be able to train at least 3 times each week but includes workouts for up to 6 sessions per week. The most important workouts are clearly marked and we will explain each week of the plan in our weekly videos so that you can understand how it all works.

The training plans will be provided on the TrainingPeaks online platform that allows you to record and analyse your data as well as see the details of the plan. You can use either the TrainingPeaks Basic (free) or Premium (paid) subscription to work with the plan, the difference between the two subscription grades is explained on the TrainingPeaks website.

There are three options of plans that are based on the number of days each week you can train: 4 days a week, 5 days a week and 6 days a week. You will receive all workouts prioritised as A, B and C. To do 4 workouts each week, you do the A workouts only, for 5 sessions a week you do A and B and for 6 sessions a week you do all the planned workouts. If this isn’t enough for you, you can do more and we will help you decide how to fit additional training such as gym sessions or yoga into your plan.

The plans are based on perceived exertion but guidelines are given on how to use heart rate or power-based training zones, as well as how to calculate your training zones. For the harder sessions where the intensity of effort is more important, specific power or heart rate based alternatives will be available.

Online community

You will also become part of an online community, where you can share ideas, ask questions and learn from us and each other. We will be monitoring the community and answering questions every day. This will use a closed Facebook group.

We hold weekly online hangouts with our athletes where we discuss topics relevant to endurance trail running and long-distance cycling events, learning and sharing from each other. These events are attended by some very experienced and successful endurance athletes who freely share their knowledge and experience. They are great fun and an invaluable resource.

We also hold a monthly workshop that is led by one of our coaching team on a topic chosen by the group. These sessions often lead to discussions and sharing of personal experiences in group chats and on our Facebook Group.

Unlimited email support

We will be on hand to help you directly via email, so that you can ask us about anything that you feel you don’t want to share with the group or feel is specific to you. We will aim to answer all emails within 3 days of receiving them.

How it works:

Once you sign up you will be sent a welcome message via e-mail with links to join TrainingPeaks, have your training plan added to your TrainingPeaks account and to our closed Facebook group so that you can request membership. 

You should then book your one-to-one consultation so that we can help you get setup.

After this a training plan for each week will automatically download to your TrainingPeaks Account. 

There will be suggested sessions for up to 6 days of each week including structured interval sessions and less intense rides to build your endurance. 

Throughout the programme you will have unlimited e-mail support from a professional coach.

This package will provide you with all the support you need for your next running adventure. 

In addition to the training plan we will provide helpful information, discussions and articles on how to plan for your adventure via our blog, email bulletins and YouTube channels.


  • If you are not completely satisfied with our service during the first month of your membership, you will be entitled to a full refund of any payments you have made.

  • Training plans do not replace your decisions with regards to your own health and well-being. The plan is a guide but if you feel ill or become injured it is your responsibility to seek professional help from a physical therapist and to train according to your ability at that time