Virtual Training Camp (Cycling focused) - 14th to 20th April

Virtual Training Camp (Cycling focused) - 14th to 20th April

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Virtual camps provide a way for athletes that are unable to attend a physical training camp to benefit from many of the aspects of attending a training camp.

These may include:

  • A focused period of time dedicated to attaining certain goals;

  • Engaging with a group of like minded people, with compatible goals;

  • Learning and sharing from workshops and hangouts;

  • A time to focus on personal goals without normal day to day distractions;

  • A significantly cheaper option of gaining many of the benefits of a training camp.

Athletes are encouraged to remove as many of the usual day to day distractions as possible to ensure they can dedicate their energy to the camp. We realise that there are many reasons why athletes cannot travel to a physical camp and these may well include commitments and obligations, however, we encourage athletes to minimise these commitments during the time of the camp in order to get the most out of the experience.

What is included

  • Pre camp discussions via email to ensure that each athlete has a clear plan for the camp and that the coaching team understands the needs of each athlete. The coaching team will ensure that the camp plan is consistent with the athletes overall goals.

  • Review of any training data collected during the camp activities with feedback provided each day. This will be performed using Training Peaks and each athlete will be provided with Premium membership of TrainingPeaks for one month, including the period of the camp.

  • Email interactions with the coaching team during the camp to ensure training is on track and to answer any immediate questions. This may also include short Skype calls where appropriate.

  • Two unstructured Skype hangouts for athletes and coaching team where we will get to know each other and chat about anything of interest. The first of these will be an introductory session at the start of the camp.

  • Two structured workshops using Skype, led by members of the coaching team on topics relevant to the group. These topics will be determined on a group by group basis.

  • A 1 hour one to one consultation with one of the coaching team, to be scheduled before or during the camp. There will be an opportunity to purchase additional one to one sessions at a discount rate.

Attendance at a camp qualifies for full membership of the JHEndurance group, including access to closed groups, resources and group discounts.

Get in touch to find out when our next camp is and to ask any questions you may have.

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