Personal training plan (12 weeks)

Personal training plan (12 weeks)

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A training plan that is written specifically for your needs.

A training plan of up to 12 weeks that meets your needs, taking account of your particular strengths and weaknesses and developing your fitness to meet your goals.

Our personal plans include:

  • Email exchange of ideas so that we understand your needs;

  • Version 1 plan for up to 12 weeks that is specifically designed for you, to help you meet your goals;

  • 1 interim update of the plan to accommodate unforeseen events;

  • Membership of our JHEndurance closed groups (note, this membership is not restricted to the duration of the plan, so you will always be able to learn from the groups)

Everyone is unique and we feel that we do a better job if we take account of that uniqueness in developing your plan. It is a little more work than creating generic plans that can be bought ‘off the shelf’ but we feel that effort is worth it.

We aim to deliver your plan within 7 days of purchase. Your plan will be based on an exchange of emails or face to face discussions, so the more responsive you are, the better the plan and the quicker you get it.

Once purchased, the plan is yours to modify and/or reuse, although we ask that you don’t sell or share the plan for commercial gain or in a way that may damage our business.

*We do our best to provide a plan that will help you meet your goals, however, please act sensibly and safely. ‘Listen’ to your body, use our support groups to help where you are unsure and make sure you check in with us to make the most of your interim plan update if you need it.

Good luck!

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