Empowering, inspiring, learning


It has always been our mission to develop a community, learning and sharing to provide an environment that is supportive and empowering.

At first things were mostly using the internet, making connections on Skype and through sports training forums like TrainingPeaks and Strava. Helping athletes achieve amazing things and being lucky enough to travel with some as they competed for their country.

However, it has always been about helping people be the best they can be that has motivated us so whether you are winning medals in international competitions or training to complete your first 5km we love you just the same.

As time moved on we got involved in camps and workshops that upheld our ethos such as the Adventure Syndicate camps near Girona and our Quest 79 camp with Karen Darke in Mallorca.

Now we have our own place in the village of Casteil in the french Pyrenees where we are able to run camps and workshops that are just perfect. All our camps are adjusted to meet the needs of those attending so if you aren’t sure whether a visit will work for you, don’t worry, we will make it work for you.

Once you are part of our community you can stay connected and supported as you move towards your goals. In this modern age it is surprising how well we can communicate and understand each other using emails and messages combined with regular chats and yes, we can make sense of all that data you collect by staying connected using TrainingPeaks.

Our coaching has developed over the years, always making use of the best, most up to date tools. With a background in science, experience of working with international athletes and governing bodies and a long history of working with people in all walks of life, it is a pleasure to be able to combine our skills to help others succeed.