John Hampshire

I began sports as a swimmer at a young age, setting the scene and building habits of exercise and training that have continued to form a structure around which I lead my life. I then started running to develop aerobic fitness for other sports and found it suited me perfectly. Running became part of my life and I enjoyed many trips to run and race abroad as well as at home.

In the late 90s I injured my ankle and started doing more cycling, initially to keep fit ,and then racing. I took to the sport immediately, competing and learning about the complexities of cycle racing, training and racing with power meters. Over time, I learned how to manage injuries, fatigue and how to get back on track after setbacks.

While training and being friends with some great athletes, I learned what makes a great athlete great and how to develop these traits in others. I was a member of Great Britain Cycling Team as Paralympic Handcycle coach for London 2012 where I learned more about elite sport and competition, working with the British Cycling staff including physiologists and psychologists.

As a professional coach, I constantly look for ways to get better. Thinking laterally, I decided to look to the world of performance coaching for business and took a course in NLP, hypnosis and motivational training. I have since done further training in sports psychology and hypnosis. I now combine these skills with knowledge of physiology and training theory to provide holistic packages for success.


Clare Pearson

I have been running for many years, starting out to keep fit and then racing on the roads, I joined a running club and continued to learn from my peers and by reading and attending various courses. I now run and race mostly in the french mountains mixed with the occasional road race, cross country or British fell race.

Taking a personal interest in nutrition and more recently the specific needs of female athletes, I combine my many years of professional experience in helping people manage their lives, bringing clarity and focus into the often complex and difficult lives of my clients.

I am qualified in hypnotherapy and NLP with a component of CBT, which enhance my many years of professional experience in helping with individuals’ lifestyles.

I am also qualified as a run leader and can share my experience of the local area either by joining you for a run if your pace is similar or recommending a suitable route.