Endurance Coaching for Everyone

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One-to-one coaching provides with the best support possible.

Your dedicated coach is on hand to support your every step of the way.

EBR Club

Join our endurance cycling or running training community to get the support you need on your fitness journey.

Training Plans

Choose one of our training plans to guide you towards your goals.

Our comprehensive event focused plans are yours forever to adapt and reuse as you need.


Designed for real people, you are sure to find the help you need

Our online community provides the benefits of a running or cycling club with dedicated support from our expert coaching team.

Draw on the resources you need to achieve more than you dreamed possible.


Meet all of your goals and objectives

Quickly and efficiently build a strong relationship with your dedicated coach.
The more you put into the relationship and the process, the more effective it will be.

When you join us you are part of a team that wants you to succeed.

Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

Expert coaching is like having decades of experience supporting your fitness journey. 

Nurture Your Understanding

Nurture Yourself

Learn what works for you and why by joining our workshops, online forums and asking your dedicated coach.

Superior Analytics

Superior Analytics

We use the best analytical tools to track and understand your training and plan your event strategies.
Community Spirit

Community Spirit

A group of like minded people with diverse and shared goals. We love to learn from each other and see everyone share in their experiences.

Exceptional Support

Exceptional Support

From the moment you start, we provide all of the guidance and expertise necessary to get the most out of yourself.

Robust Tools

Robust Tools

Our products are delivered through the TrainingPeaks forum, an advanced and robust coaching, planning and communication environment.


One-to-one coaching provides with the best support possible

EBR Club

Join our endurance cycling and running training community to get the support you need on your fitness journey

Training Plans

Choose one of our training plans to guide you through your training

Communication is Fundamental

Access your training plan via TrainingPeaks across devices from wherever you may be - whether you're at home, in the office or on the go.

Make comments and receive feedback from within the TrainingPeaks application, ask questions via email or get in touch for a quick response via WhatsApp.

Our coaches work flexibly and responsively, backing things up with regular face to face meetings online.

Meet the Team

John Hampshire and Clare Pearson, friends and training partners, created Endurance Bike and Run in 2017. Building on their personal experiences and knowledge to help others gain fulfilment and pleasure from participation in endurance sports.

Concentrating on our passion for running and cycling we have learned and developed our capabilities to help people of all abilities work towards their goals.

Developing effective, supportive relationships with our clients is what makes the difference and gives everyone the best chance of success. It is also what makes our work so rewarding.

Clare Pearson

Clare in Grand Ballon-1Clare loves to work with people to help them succeed at their own goals; whether that’s a personal best, a completion or a podium.

Clare will work with you to plan training round life commitments and help you get the most out of the time you have.

John Hampshire


A professional endurance coach since 2009, John Hampshire has worked with cyclists and runners from all over the world to help them achieve their goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite competitor looking for a big win, John can help you reach your potential and be your best.