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Our Story


JHCoaching started in 2009 when John offered to help Karen Darke in her quest to qualify and compete in the London 2012 Paralympics. Karen had seen the Beijing games on television and wondered whether she could qualify to take part in the handcycling events in London.

Karen didn’t know much about training and although John had no formal qualifications, he felt he could draw on his lifelong interest in human performance and endurance sports training to help her get started. This was the start of an exciting journey that saw the development of a close friendship, a job with British Cycling, a Silver medal in London and then a Gold in the Rio Paralympics time trial in 2016.

John Hampshire and Clare Pearson, friends and training partners, decided to develop the business that John had started with Karen. Building on their personal experiences to help others gain fulfilment and pleasure from participation in endurance sports.

Things have developed and diversified since then, concentrating on our passion for running and cycling we have learned and developed our capabilities to help people of all abilities work towards their goals.

Understanding that creating an effective training plan is a very small part of successfully working towards a challenging goal, we developed a supportive environment, concentrating on effective communication and creation of educational articles that help our community understand the reasons behind each step on the way to success. Many times, we have found that is it the face to face Skype meetings regular email communications and quick responses to text messages that have made the difference to the people we work with.

It isn’t surprising that developing effective, supportive relationships with our clients is what makes the difference and gives everyone the best chance of success. It is also what makes our work so rewarding.