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Endurance Bike and Run

John Hampshire and Clare Pearson, friends and training partners, created Endurance Bike and Run in 2017. Building on their personal experiences and knowledge to help others gain fulfilment and pleasure from participation in endurance sports.

Concentrating on our passion for running and cycling we have learned and developed our capabilities to help people of all abilities work towards their goals.

Developing effective, supportive relationships with our clients is what makes the difference and gives everyone the best chance of success. It is also what makes our work so rewarding. 

Clare Pearson

Clare in Grand Ballon-1Clare loves to help people be their best; she has helped runners and cyclists at all levels achieve their goals, whether that was  a place on the podium, a personal best, or a finish within the time limit.

Clare will work with you to plan training round life commitments and help you get the most out of the time you have doing the sport you are passionate about in an environment you love.

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John Hampshire


A professional endurance coach since 2009, John Hampshire has worked with cyclists and runners from all over the world to help them achieve their goals.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite competitor looking for a big win, John can help you reach your potential and be your best.

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I have really enjoyed Clare's coaching input and found her a top-class coach. I found her empathetic approach was very appropriate for me. She has a keen eye for detail.

I didn't consider myself an athlete before seeking out a coach. I thought: right, I'm 57, I was just a late blooming runner who wanted some help getting to marathon distance. I was wrong. Clare helped me see that I am an athlete.... Thanks, Clare!"

Thanks again for making that dream become a reality! I’m already thinking about the next one.

Clare & I have been working together since you linked us up in the beginning of March, and she has been absolutely phenomenal! She has helped me go from never running a race, to running two half trail marathons and I'm about to run my first 50K Ultra this weekend!

Hi Clare, wanted to say a really big thank you for getting me to the race in such good shape - I really enjoyed it.

I stuck to the h/rate plan even when it meant dropping back - the last leg was very tricky. I learnt loads as well - nutrition, poles? All of which you mentioned 😊

Mark, Marathon Training
Erin, 57, Marathon and Trail Runner
Dave, Trail 50km Ultra-marathon and Trail Half Marathons
Bill, ultra-trail race - Lakeland 100

Clare Pearson

Clare has been a professional coach since 2018.  She is a TrainingPeaks Level 2 Accredited running and cycling coach with UKA qualifications and is also a Certified Stryd Coach.
Care specialises in trail running and ultra distance events. She is also a British Cycling Certified Coach and works with both runners and cyclists as well as those who wish to combine the two cycling and running, as many of our clients do.

Clare's journey to coaching:

I have always enjoyed endurance sports; whilst I was always last in track races, and picked last for team events, I loved to get out into the countryside where I found I could just keep going, whether that was on a bike, walking, or running.
I began to train more formally when I was working in a disabled unit, where I needed to be fit enough to run up several flights of stairs to get to emergencies. I ran two to three times a week to keep fit and have an adventure on my days off, and managed to complete my first half marathon with a friend while at University.
I really fell in love with running when I moved to Skipton, in the English Dales, where I loved getting out into the hills.
I tried my hand at various races, both on and off road. After a disappointing time for my first road marathon I began to research more around training. With the help of more experienced running friends I began to build my own training plans with some structured speed sessions and planned recovery days.
I started to see the results as my road race times came down and I even managed the odd place on the podium. I enjoyed training with friends and sharing my new found training knowledge to help them build their own plans.
In 2012 I met and began working with my first coach. I soon came to appreciate the value of an objective eye and started to get personal bests in  road races.
It was my coach who helped me realise that my true love was for trail and mountain running. I began to realise that running isn’t just about chasing the traditional goals that everyone expects, but about finding the races you are passionate about and training in an environment that you love; for me this is the mountains.
I began to look further afield and had some trips to Europe incorporating bigger mountain races that interested me. I went from being in the top five to winning some races.
Having spent many years learning about running, I wanted to start formally helping people enjoy this amazing sport, so I began coaching runners in 2018.
More recently, I decided to qualify to coach cycling as well to match my own experience of mixing cycling and running, which more and more people were asking for in the inquiries.

My proudest running moments:

  • First female placing at Skiddaw fell race in the English Lake District;
  • Second female placing in the 100 Miles de Sud (50 mile section).

My proudest coaching moments:

  • Seeing Heather get a personal record at her local race after a journey from burnout back to competitive running;
  • Seeing Dave complete his first Ultra-trail race from a background of zero running.
Clare font romeu 900-1

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John Hampshire

A professional endurance coach since 2009, John Hampshire has worked with cyclists and runners from all over the world to help them achieve their goals.

John specialises in helping his athletes enjoy the trails and mountains, where his passion and love of the outdoors comes through.

Whether you are a beginner or an elite competitor looking for a big win, John can help you reach your potential and be your best.

John offers personal coaching to individuals as well as teams and groups.

John's Journey to Coaching:

I began sports as a swimmer at a young age, setting the scene and building habits of exercise and training that have continued to form a structure around which I lead my life. I then started running to develop aerobic fitness for other sports and found it suited me perfectly. Running became part of my life and I enjoyed many trips to run and race abroad as well as at home.

In the late 90s I injured my ankle and started doing more cycling, initially to keep fit ,and then racing. I took to the sport immediately, competing and learning about the complexities of cycle racing, training and racing with power meters. Over time, I learned how to manage injuries, fatigue and how to get back on track after setbacks.

While training and being friends with some great athletes, I learned what makes a great athlete great and how to develop these traits in others. I was a member of Great Britain Cycling Team as Paralympic Handcycle coach for London 2012 where I learned more about elite sport and competition, working with the British Cycling staff including physiologists and psychologists.

As a professional coach, I constantly look for ways to get better. Thinking laterally, I decided to look to the world of performance coaching for business and took a course in NLP, hypnosis and motivational training. I have since done further training in sports psychology and hypnosis. I now combine these skills with knowledge of physiology and training theory to provide holistic packages for success.


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